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The 20s to 30s Threshold

During the 20s quest of finding ourselves we meet many cool people along the way.  These people may be part of your entourage and run in a pack with you doing all sorts of things together and sharing all sorts of new experiences.  Some of those experiences could be so momentous that we always hold that moment near and dear to our hearts.  When college is over and marriage is on the horizon or prenatal jargon becomes part of our everyday conversation or relocation comes to pass… we find ourselves in an unfamiliar territory and it can be difficult to adapt or relate.

We are not always experiencing life events at the same time.

Many times static begins occur and BFFs fight, act out, and sometimes fallout altogether.   You may find yourself one less bridesmaid, for example.  You may not get as many phone calls.  You may not be met with the same level of excitement and enthusiasm as you express your interests or your new ventures.  Things just aren’t the same anymore.  This is not a bad thing.  It is a great thing.  It is an exciting thing.  We have to accept the situation for what it is because there is so much more ahead.

Photo by Aaron Moeller

Change can often feel like loss.

Life is a journey that is designed for you to keep moving forward.  Life is designed for you to have goals and once you achieve those goals, you are compelled to set new goals to achieve.    As your goals change, you entourage may change too.   This is not to say that you must end your previous friendships, but evaluate them to make sure you are not setting unrealistic expectations on the relationship.  As our needs change we expect people to change with them and this is not always possible.  Not everyone is meant to stay for the whole ride.  We must respect that they too have their own journey.

Whoever is meant to stay in your life can never go.

Just because someone is off on another path doesn’t mean you won’t reconnect down the line.  Lifetime friends will always remain your friends despite time, location, trials and tribulations – they will always be around for you – especially when you need them most.