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The Trappings of Change

If we do not embrace change, it becomes more painful than it has to be. By fighting against the winds of change instead of embracing it, we will ultimately be dragged as man never wins against nature. Complacency is no safer than change being dangerous. Familiarity can be more detrimental than the unknown.

Change is in evitable.

The automatic panic we feel from change is not actually loss, but fear of the unknown. Holding on to anything that no longer serves us, hurts us. Do any of us still own the walker we used to learn to walk when we toddlers? Can you just imagine how silly, painful and possibly dangerous it would be for us to try and get into our childhood walker as adults?

Adapt or die

We are resilient and adaptable; an example is how we preserved the past three years and counting. We prepare for changing seasons, inclement weather, and the like. It’s interesting how change can throw us off. We lull ourselves into a false sense of security and when change finally manifests, we fight tooth and nail until we eventually acquiesce. Many a time, in hind sight, we come to realize the change was for the better. It challenges us, shapes us, and sheds light on the people, places, and things that we have grown out of. Change is a vital component of life and maturation that we all experience, numerous times throughout or lifetime. If we try to fight it, it becomes painful, and we die little bit inside every day because of the misplaced energy we put into holding onto whatever no longer serves us or whatever is simply no longer there.