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The Path of Introspection: road least traveled

in·tro·spec·tion/ˌintrəˈspekSH(ə)n/ Learn to pronounce nounnoun: introspection; plural noun: introspections

  1. the examination or observation of one’s own mental and emotional processes. “quiet introspection can be extremely valuable”

The road least traveled is the road into our hearts and minds. Perhaps just as frightening as public speaking, it’s often avoided until we cannot anymore; by that time, we are usually in our twilight years taking inventory of our lives and the impact and purpose that we had throughout or, it could be onset by the death of someone significant that had a huge impact on our identity.

The road can be rocky because along it may be things that we chose not to think about or we may find wounds that had not completely healed. Revisiting these experiences or emotions seem scary because the possibility of having to feel how we felt way back when could be likely. Because of this, we go on in our daily lives living it and ignoring the path. Truth is, when we do this, these experiences and unhealed wounds influence and bleed into our daily lives and relationships. We do things subconsciously to pivot away from feeling or experiencing these things. Many times, how we pivot away is what causes disruption and conflict in our lives. The more we try to avoid pain, disruption, and conflict, the more we bring it about.

The journey of introspection is the most important journey in life.

Whatever it is that we are ignoring or hiding from finds a sneaky way of veering its hideous head in multiple aspects of our lives. This concept isn’t new, but definitely provokes thought; especially if you are interested in growing and evolving. When I think about the path of introspection, I think it is a way to find your whole self. It’s an introduction to aspects of ourselves that need some attention/integration into who we are now. The answers of why we do the things we do are found there. It’s what navigates us through life and the sea of emotions, reactions, and distractions that come with life.

The best thing about the path of introspection, is that we will find a beacon of light and a new understanding of ourselves, where we are, our place in this world and where we want to be or go. Things begin to unfold for us in ways that had not happened before. Gaining understanding of who we are and what we want out of life is a crucial part of the trajectory of our live. As much as it scares us, it is the most valuable journey we will ever take.

Take the path of introspection as many times as you need. Get to know yourself and heal yourself. Purge what’s no longer needed and merge what’s necessary to empower you and make you the best you that you can be.