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Bleeding Hearts


Photo by Aaron Moeller

The bleeding heart type is always willing to self sacrifice or engage in martyrdom only to later remind you of all that they have done for you.  You must be indebted to them because they were there for you.  Gratitude is seldom enough.  Their help will be incessantly brought up to you like a specter at the feast to secure their entitlement to your time, attention and efforts.The bleeding heart type is not be confused with a person who wears their heart on their sleeve.  That is an entirely different type of person.  Bleeding hearts are those who will do anything for you with durable invisible strings attached to the deed;  whereas, someone who wears their heart on their sleeve is someone who does not hide their emotions to others.  They exhibit empathy and sincerity to others and may be out to help but they help for the sake of helping – not for the sake of getting something in return like recognition, or favors.

If you are helping someone and expecting something in return, you’re doing businessNOT kindness.

Bleeding hearts expect something in return and when they do not get what they are expecting, they become hurt and often vilify the perceived perpetrator as a calculated user who took advantage of them and their kindness.  Somehow, this is the recurring theme in their lives.

Bleeding hearts bleed because there is a hole in their heart that needs to be filled.  It cannot be filled by offering things and favors to garner acceptance, love, attention, recognition or affection, etc.  This method is a slippery toxic slope that causes the hole in the heart to turn into a cosmic black hole.  The gravity of the debt is as boundless as the dark rendering it virtually impossible for anyone to plug it up.  This vicious cycle is emotionally painful and psychologically exhausting as it brings with it strife and dissension.   In extreme cases, manipulation and abuse (not necessarily physical) tactics are used against the person who had not given what was expected in return.

People who interact with others like bleeding hearts are not likely to be able to successfully maintain a healthy fulfilling relationship whether it be platonic or otherwise.