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Notes to Strangers: addiction to shittiness?

There is a plethora of toxic relationship dynamics that, if gone unaddressed, can become normalized. This dynamic can essentially rewire perception, reality, and world view dramatically. Although, it is clear it is unhealthy, it is still accepted. This can become very dangerous because when a healthy person comes along offering healthy unconditional love, it can be rejected as boring – or perceived as there is something wrong with the healthy person because they are giving love, attention, support and loyalty without requiring a long journey through hell walking barefoot across broken glass and hot coals.

The more one suffers does not demonstrate how much one cares. While there are sacrafices to be made in relationship dynamics, suffering and putting up with shitty behavior does not validate the love for another. Love is supposed to be enjoyed, not endured. Naturally, challenges will come along but if the entire relationship dynamic is an incessant challenge, then… what is the fight really about? Is it that there is a compulsary attraction to the relationship and all the negativity that comes with it?