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Soulmate(s)… What if I told you….

This topic of soulmates continues to make a cameo among conversations I have had with various people as of late. And like many catch phrases, like: karma, gas lighting, and psycho for example, it is misunderstood, misinterpreted and misapplied.

A soulmate may not be the end all be all as far as romantic relationships are concerned. In addition, your soulmate may not be someone you are romantically involved with at all. In an ethereal sense, a soul really has no gender. This, like time is something that is bound to this plane of existence. You’re drawn to certain people to learn from them and after that lesson is learned, well, then… assignment over; such is life or any curriculum.

What is a soulmate?

A soulmate is a person to who you share a deep spiritual connection that is just “natural.” With this very simple explanation, we can conclude that it is possible to have more than one – several even! We all create deep bonds at different periods of our lives with different people. These bonds can span a lifetime. These bonds are commitments mutually agreed upon.

Some soulmates may stay throughout a lifetime and others for a moment in time to help you develop and evolve in life.

Should you be searching for your soulmate?

In essence, it does not really make any sense. Reason being, if you are not even sure what a soulmate is, you may have already found them. Furthermore, on an ethereal level of understanding, your soulmate(s) will arrive at the divine time that they are appointed and not moment sooner or later. It’s a bit beyond your control. Whether it’s kismet, serendipity or coincidence, it will happen when it happens – and depending on whether the person is here for a reason, season or lifetime, will determine if you “end up together.”

Truthfully, we have all had multiple soulmates and will probably encounter more and what a blessing that is!?! All the love, support, lessons and growth opportunities we have as we navigate life with the multitude of soulmates. Sure it’s great to romanticize it, but I mean… there are 7 billion people in this world and we are not likely to meet them all. It really is romantic to think their is just one person out there, but I mean… it’s really like picking up a single grain of sand on a beach. That’s OK. Who doesn’t love a beach?

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Auld Lang Syne

Around this time of year we are naturally drawn to thoughts of old acquaintances and many of those old acquaintances should probably remain forgotten. Yet, the spirit of the season bring with it, good cheer with a side of romanticism of the way things were.

It is a feeling, and like all feelings, are mostly fleeting. Should you feel the unbearable urge to reach out, perhaps assess your heart to see if its sans hope or agenda and just a sincere wish of wellness, otherwise go watch a holiday movie!