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When All Else Fails in Your Closet

Every woman comes out the womb screaming she has “nothing to wear.”  To quote the great philosopher Usher Raymond, these “situations will arise in our lives but, you’ve got to be smart about it!”

The little black dress

36 Chic Little Black Dress Outfits - Style Estate -
36 Chic Little Black Dress Outfits – Style Estate –

It always makes a big statement. It does not matter if it has been in heavy rotation for years like your favorite song on your iPod playlist. Add some accessories to the deal or a pair of textured or bright colored shoes and “Voila!” a whole new look.

The Classic White Shirt


Paired with your most flattering jeans, this combo is the little outfit that could – and will – hit the mark every single time. Play up your hair and face.  Be sure to add a Boss Lady handbag or clutch and no one can tell you squat; unless of course, you actually do at the gym in which case is a total score!.. “Goal!”

The pencil skirt


Adding a blouse or tank top makes a nice and easy ensemble to pull off that can coincidentally look like you’ve pulled out all the stops.  You can throw in a belt over it to seal the deal.  Whether you throw on a leather jacket, cropped denim jacket, or a bolero jacket/sweater … you’re good to go.

The Blazer


The blazer can be worked into a casual outfit to transform a day look into night.  If you’re in a t shirt and jeans, add a blazer and some heels to complete a fun and stylish look.  It works every time!


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One thought on “When All Else Fails in Your Closet

  1. Love all of these feminine styles. All gorgeous and classy! 🙂


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