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Want Vs. Need

I’ve found myself engaged in the same conversation with different people as of late. The  common denominator was being on the brink of making a choice that would essentially change their life’s direction and possible who they are. Every now and again we do come at a fork in the road and almost like a multiple choice question, the answers all seem similar but yet there is trulyunnamed “just right” – just as there is only one path that is truly just right, for you… right now…

Deep down we all know the answer. Deep down we have the answer but what leads us to perceive we have difficult choices before us is what drives us. Desire or Necessity?  Want Vs. Need. These two one syllable words are deceptively simple concepts that can easily be misconstrued and misinterpreted at any given time.

After all, one can want something/someone they do not need and one can need something/someone they do not want. – Lolitasays

Wants (desires) are essentially wishes to that one hopes to fulfill that is believed will make them happier or mores successful.

Because nothing is as good as you can imagine it. No one is as beautiful as she is in your head. Nothing is as exciting as your fantasy. ― Chuck Palahniuk

Needs (necessities) are essentially means to sustain one’s well-being; this encompasses the physical, spiritual, psychological, and emotional aspects.

Wants are never truly concrete but more abstract are hardwired to egotistical/vain concepts that are not truly tangible which is why getting what we want is not always as gratifying as we anticipated. Sometimes it can be downright disappointing leading to “now what!?!”

The unreal is more powerful than the real, because nothing is as perfect as you can imagine it.– Chuck Palahniuk

Needs are simply means you absolutely cannot live without. Needs are concrete and facilitate your existence and ability to thrive in a healthy and positive way. Many a time, needs are not presented in an attractive package like wants are but nonetheless if you go without a need it has a more detrimental impact than going without a want. Getting what we need yields contentment and a lasting gratification particularly when one knows what it is like to go without.

Something to think about when you’re trying to decide which way to go…


Just a girl in the world experiencing, observing and appreciating this journey called life one moment at a time.

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