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Standards of Beauty: Are Women Fighting a Losing Battle?

20131204-171943.jpgStandards of beauty change throughout time, like any other fad.  Whether it is a slender ballerina body, an hour glass body, a full round bum or toned legs with a thigh gap, we are told by them what is “in” and what is “out.”

I have always wondered who are they?  Who are they to tell us what part of our bodies are in and out?  What ever happened to celebrating the diversity of feminine shapes?  As with all preferences, people are attracted different things.

Variety is the spice of life, is it not?

Variety does not seem to be promoted nowadays.  As a result of that, more women have resorted to body mutilation.  So many women are attending parties and injecting mystery substance into their bodies.  Some women have had permanent side effects, and other physical deformities that are unpleasing to the eyes, and others have died.  And for who?  Are we as women doing this to attract men?

Men don’t seem to like all the war paint!

04e30f2c519e8240371454e6ea6609fd6fbe74 Despite what we may see and read, of my years of experience I have always found myself defending the need to apply make up.  I suppose make up invokes the confidence women need to face the external world.  Men, don’t quite get it.  The father of an Ex-boyfriend of mine who was 70 years old at the time had once said,  “Women wear make up for other women. It’s like war paint.”    That is a very interesting analogy.  Now, 20 years later, with my own wisdom and experience, looks like Tony might have been on to something!  I was never any comment short of, you look so much better without all that on your face!

Make up trends have now evolved into contouring and those very interesting Egyptian hieroglyphic like eye brows which are quite disturbing to some.  The nose slimming, cheek boosting, highlighting methods morph a woman’s face to the point where they are unrecognizable when the make up comes off.  No one appreciates false advertisement.

I must, I must, I must increase my butt!

butt_implants When it comes to this new craze, aside from celebrities sporting their designer bum, there are scores of photos of this Murphy’s Law procedure that are horrific and sad.  These procedures are not safe.  Similar to Botox parties, there are Butt Lift parties where people inject (who knows) into their bodies.  Many have died hours later because the injection substance has seeped into their blood stream or lungs.

NEVER EVER go to an underground party and let someone who is not a registered medical doctor perform any procedure.  The complications of such a decision could end your life!

Aside from fatal complications any implant is a foreign body.  The immune system recognizes this and begins to work to reject it.  This can result in the implant detaching and slipping or becoming calcified. It can also result in infection.  Any implant in the body must be monitored every few years to ensure it is properly positioned and not leaking.  One must also be prepared to replace them if need be.

Again, with implants, men have a similar take on make up.  The look and feel is often unnatural.

So, what standard of beauty stays  “in“?

I read A Look Back at Beauty Through History it begs the question, if the standard beautiful body images changes throughout time, what does one do?  If the standard of beauty is not conducive to your own body type, what is there to do?  Manipulating your own body can be a solution but what happens when that body type is no longer “in”?  We lose!  That is what happens!

In my lifetime I’ve seen the heroine chic, skinny waif type that was frail with ribs shone.  A teen back then, I was forbidden to even attempt to achieve such a look.  Those who are naturally like that, I suppose are “out of style” in today’s world.  So, how does one survive this feeling of invalidity  when their body is not structured to achieve the current revered shape?

You cannot celebrate anything you are ashamed of.

Answer is, CONFIDENCE.  No one has come off an assembly line.  We are not Stepford women.  We are individuals with a uniqueness that should be celebrated.  How can you celebrate who you are if you do not see your value or are ashamed?  There is something to be said about not being like everyone else.  Everyone has a jewel of uniqueness.  This is what sets you apart. When chasing some image you are told to aspire to, you starve that genuine uniqueness that people – no just men are attracted to.

Despite what pop culture and the media may insinuate,  confidence cannot be bought or sold or made.  Confidence comes through self actualization and self acceptance.  Instead of putting energy, time, money into a potentially life-altering or life-threatening situation, perhaps putting energy, time and money into accentuating your unique attributes is  better prescription that going under the knife or getting injections or piling on layers and layers of make up.

Be  your own standard of beauty!



Just a girl in the world experiencing, observing and appreciating this journey called life one moment at a time.

One thought on “Standards of Beauty: Are Women Fighting a Losing Battle?

  1. This is a great post, I had my share of issues with clothes that did not fit my body type for some time, I simply selected clothes that complimented my shape (hourglass) now the choices are available. So I welcome the change. We all beautiful!.


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