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What About Your Friend?

There is a certain type of friend; you know who I’m referring to…  that friend whose support, comforts and encouragement can be felt with just their mere presence. They can make you feel like you can do anything and make even the saddest or infuriating moments the funniest.  They remind you that you can be anything.  They shoulder some of your problems, perhaps your responsibilities at times… they ride or die with you.  They may even be a parent, a sibling, kin, fictive kin (no DNA relation), coworker, or mentor.

img_8824That friend is always strong and courageous with the toughest of life’s challenges because perhaps they had no other choice to be that way; despite it all they come through for you.  It isn’t because everything is perfect as we all process our challenges, trials, and tribulations differently.  For some challenges, trials and tribulations are like the stars in the daytime.  Just because you cannot see them doesn’t mean that they are not there.

While they may be a source of all things possible… and the wind beneath your wings, and may seem fearless and impermeable to you, remember that they are still human; just like you.    That friend is still subject to experiencing all the same things as you.  Every now and again, although it may not seem like they may need it, but encourage them and remind them how much they matter to you because they too are fighting their own battles although they say nothing about them. img_8822

If you have that certain type of friend, let them know today how much they mean to you.  Ask them how they are and ask about their day.  Wait to hear the answer.  Simply checking in can replenish the energy needed to fight the battles they don’t discuss.