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Notes to Strangers: Decision Time

We are creatures of habit.  This is what makes healthy habits so vital to us.  Healthy habits facilitate happiness and fulfillment.  When we continue on the path of “functioning in dysfunction” until we end up at a crossroads much like an addict that hits rock bottom with nowhere else to go.  A path must be chosen.  Do I go away to school?  Do actually marry this person?  Do I get a divorce? Do I reinvent myself?  Do I put myself out there again?

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These questions can debilitate us because they are loaded with with unknown.  Sometimes, this limbo can be comfortable, and other times, we tolerate the pain because familiarity is all we have left to hold on to.  The danger in doing that is, you cause yourself more pain and anguish.  You also stunt your growth as a person.  Stunting your growth as a person can cause great dis-ease in yourself.  It can lead to depression or worse, despair.

Making a move can be so scary, whether literally or figuratively.  It is inevitable, though.  Some of us are afraid of change and others are afraid of making a mistake, but how else do we learn from experience?  Being brave enough to decide which direction you want to go clears away a good amount of the anxious “what if” static in our heads.  The path becomes clearer and we save ourselves the pain of letting circumstance choose.  If we ride the fence long enough, it breaks from the weight of our baggage and we have to be reactive, rather than proactive.

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Reactive responses to situations do not bring about the most favorable results for us.  Reactive responses tend to take us the long way around the barn.  If that sounds like you, don’t fret.  There are lessons to be learned along the way, but going forward, note that waiting for circumstance to make a decision for you can cost you a lot more than you bargained for and you can save yourself all the trouble by being honest with yourself about what needs to be done.

We tend to let circumstance decide for us:

  • when we are afraid of the unknown
  • when we are afraid of what others may think or feel
  • the challenges that come along with our decision
  • faith and perspective: confidence in ourselves to take on a different direction.

The unknown and the known can bridged by taking a leap of faith.  The known has prompted this contemplation of taking a new direction.  The opinions and feelings of others is not our responsibility.  There are times where some decisions will have to be made for our own well being.  We cannot pour from an empty cup.  Challenges arise with any and every new endeavor and sometimes we may find ourselves having to be our own cheerleaders for a time.  Perhaps the support we need may come from sources we least expect, but it’s out there.  Faith and perspective is what facilitates focus.  When we focus, there is little to nothing we cannot accomplish.

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